Lee Redmond, Director/Director of Photography

Third generation in the motion picture business, Lee Redmond is a graduate of Art Center College of Design, where he majored in photography. He began his motion picture career as a camera assistant working for many years on major motion pictures and television movies. In 1986 he “moved up” to camera operator (the man behind the camera) and soon after became a Director of Photography. As a Director of Photography, he continued to work in the movies photographing many features for the theaters as well as for Trimark, HBO and Showtime. During this period he also photographed many television commercials.

In 1993 he had an opportunity to write and direct his first feature, an action film for HBO entitled “Final Mission”, starring Corben Bernson, Elizabeth Gracen and Billy Worth. He went on into the television commercial industry and directed commercials for Yamaha, Kawasaki, GMC Trucks, Mercedes, Absolut Vodka, Universal Theme Parks, Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey, Feld Entertainment, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount, and many other advertisers. His credits also include theatrical trailers for such films as “Face/Off”, for which he won a Hollywood Reporter Keyart award, “Daylight”, “Rosewood”, “Dreamcatcher” and many others.

He has directed in many varied formats, from features, television, commercials, large amusement park venues, to the Internet, with the only cyber lounge show in existence at lovecathouse.com. Fluent in digital technology he works in graphics, CGI, motion picture compositing, digital animation, and the Internet.

He currently has two feature projects in the works, “Three Cats” which he co-wrote and “Undelivered” which he wrote.

Lee is a co-founder of Sherpa Technologies, a software engineering company who’s product Hyperspots makes all media interactive and tracks the user’s interests in the process.